The Manifesto

St Petersburg’s leading restaurant groups, which include Ginza Project, Duo Band, ‘Doing Good Deeds’, RAW and Dreamteam have once again united to highlight the city’s thriving dining scene.

International food festival Gourmet Days was created in 2016 by a passionate group of restaurateurs, chefs, sommeliers, and of course our incredible team.

Each of us is devoted to real gastronomy. We sincerely love what we do. And we believe that restaurants are not simply a source of economic profit, but also a way of influencing the creative life of the city, evolving for the better. We are proud to say our initiative is supported by the Government of St. Petersburg and the Committee for the Development of Tourism.

We came up with the concept of  Gourmet Days to show how great the importance of the restaurant industry is for St. Petersburg and the greater area.  It is a powerful tool that increases development, creates new jobs, develops talent, and stimulates the formation of small and medium-sized businesses (cleaning services and printing houses, firms for uniforms, flower business, etc.). This filters out of the city also and ensures the livelihood of our farmers, producers and fishermen, all of which help put Russia on an international gastronomic platform alongside other countries like Italy, Spain or Japan.

The restaurant market has directly helped develop tourism. Millions of people visit St. Petersburg every year - with many now returning for the restaurant scene. St Petersburg has examples of truly original and interesting concepts executed at a high level with excellent service.

We are holding Gourmet Days for the third year in a row, because we believe that this experience of cooperation between the restaurant business and the city, with its residents and the government, can become an incentive and inspiration for other Russian cities. Я

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