Paris, France

Atsushi Tanaka

Let’s make one thing clear: Atsushi Tanaka’s cuisine is not Japanese. Neither is it Spanish, Scandinavian nor Parisian, in spite of the fact that he has spent the better half of his life training in the latter and has been highly influenced by a number of European culinary techniques, including Spanish molecular gastronomy. Atsushi prides himself on is his knowledge and practice of the many techniques he’s learned over the course of his career. Starting out in Paris when he was just 17 he trained and worked alongside the legendary Pierre Gagnaire, whom he warmly refers to as a kind of “Papa”. He has also worked at Quique Dacosta (Spain), Pastorale (Belgium), and more recently he took himself back to school, interning for Scandinavian restaurants such as Geranium (Copenhagen), Bjorn Frantzen and Oaxen (Sweden) and Oud Sluis (The Netherlands).

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13 June, 18:30 – 23:00
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