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You can decide for yourselves what dominates Vladimir Schepilov’s menu at Godji, which mixes pan-American passion with a pan-Asian colour palette. His dishes are innovate and stimulating; Vladimir cooks curry which explodes in your mouth, intertwines carrots into a Tiradito, stuffs velvet-like pastries with slices of pork and adds spicy akhi Amarillo pepper to quinoa.

The drinks menu is equally as diverse – to include biodynamic and organic wines, vintage champagne and spicy Peruvian piscos. Every premium drink can be ordered by the glass, to be enjoyed amid the restaurant's chic and elegant interiors, boasting copper and marble furnishing interspersed with vivid Godji colours of red, green and blue.

A large community table can accommodate groups of any size, plus is a welcome spot for any solo diner.

St. Petersburg, Karavannaya ulitsa, 8