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Restaurant "Moroshka for Pushkin"

St. Petersburg, Naberezhnaya reki Moyki, 3a


4 July, 19:30

Andreas Caminada of Schauenstein Schloss and Roman Palkin of Moroshka for Pushkin

Executive concept chef Roman Palkin of Moroshka for Pushin and several other top Russian restaurants will be teaming up with the triple Michelin starred Schauenstein Castle Restaurant chef Andreas Caminada on the opening night of Gourmet Day’s Festival. Following Palkin’s nose to tail ethos and incorporating Caminada’s philosophy of using one key ingredient, this maverick pair will be whipping up a delectable and progressive menu of Russian and Nordic cuisine.

Arrival of guests at 7:30 pm.
Price of tasting menu: 7 900 rub.