St. Petersburg, Kazanskaya ulitsa, 3


06 June, 19:30

Nino Redruello of Fismuler and Igor Zorin of Terrassa

On June 6th, during the international gastronomic festival St. Petersburg Gourmet Days, a unique dinner titled «at the same table» will be presented in the restaurant Terrassa. The dinner will be cooked by the celebrated Spanish chef Nino Redruello.

This dinner at the restaurant Terrassa will be one of the highlights of the festival. To sample the menu cooked by the Spanish chef, all guests will gather at one big table on a famous terrace with a view to the Kazan Cathedral.

Nino Redruello, who comes from a family of chefs, is the owner of a group of restaurants and host on his own show on The National TV. He is a big advocate of the Spanish cuisine globally. His partners at the restaurant Tatel include Enrique Iglesias, sportsmen Rafael Nadal, Pau Gasol, and Rudi Fernandez. At the festival, Nino will present the new menu from his restaurant Fismuler. This restaurant is well-known due to its rich Spanish cuisine and its interpretation of the Nordic style. Dishes will be paired with a single-malt 12 year old Scottish whisky, The Singleton.

The event starts at 7:30 p.m.

The price of the tasting menu: 4 900 roubles.

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